Writing Curves

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With eight years in the Marines, five of them in Special Forces, Lucas Weaver has witnessed too many marriages end in tears. He swears off the idea of his own nuptials until his best friend invites him home to serve as best man.

Now Lucas is face-to-face with Theresa Hale, his best friend’s curvy sister. From protective to passionate, every feeling he’s tried to forget having for Theresa comes rushing back.

Theresa Hale is no shrinking violet. She’s independent—well, she has her own apartment. That counts, right? Oh, and she has two jobs—except she made one up to hide the fact she’s paying the rent by writing dirty, sweet romances. She’s had her share of boyfriends, too, even if they treated her like a safety school—something to get into as a last resort when all the “better” (thinner) girls turn them down.

And, like every modern, independent woman, she has a secret. She’s madly in love with Lucas Weaver. Too bad he’s perfect and her brother’s best friend.

* * *
This is a standalone title with no required reading order from among the Heroes out of Uniform books for clarity, However, it includes as secondary characters the lead couple from Curvy When Wet.


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