Walker Pierce Real Cowboys Love Curves

Book 2 Real Cowboys Love CurvesDropping a tree on a woman isn’t exactly Walker Turk’s idea of an opening move—especially when the woman in question is carrying handcuffs and a sidearm.

Fresh off a transfer from California, Federal Agent Ashley Callahan is tracking poachers and the money launderers they use. She doesn’t have time for the lumberjack who almost killed her, even if being near him warms her insides like hot chocolate on a cold night.

When the accident aggravates an old injury, Ashley must conquer her stubborn independent streak and lean on Walker—the one man willing to do anything for her.


Reading order for books in the Real Cowboys Love Curves series
Adler James—Book One
Walker Pierce—Book Two
Barrett Cole—Book Three Available November 2017
Sutton Lee – Expected December 2017
Emerson Drake – Expect January 2018

Recommended for: readers seeking dirty sweet romances that feature: curves, a cowboy, a ranch setting with western living, happily ever after, weddings, and family life readers can return to over and over as each sibling, cousin and friend brings their search for true love to a satisfying end.


  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Christa! Your back?!!? As “Christa” … I’m so happy! I’ll be staying up late reading these holiday gifts and looking forward to the next episodes. Gosh I’m happy!!

  2. Elizabeth!!! I was hoping you were still an unflagging optimist where I’m concerned <3

    I'm working on Book 3. There's only a couple days work left on it but, this week, I'm with a sick family member who was my chemo buddy (we were both diagnosed, with different cancers at the same time in 2013). So I'm only getting a few minutes here and there and mostly at the hotel. But I still expect everything done on book 3 this month.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    • Elizabeth B says:

      Oh, Christa … I still clap for Tinkerbell, so you know I’m never giving up on you!

      Sending well wishes for healing and peace. Such work with our loved ones is hard in many ways, but the intimacy is priceless.

      (now, back to my cowboys)

      • <3 The relative is in much better condition and spirits than I expected. I appreciate the well wishes :)

  3. So glad you back, love your books look forward to your up coming books. But would still like to know what happens with Reed Henley in your Undeniably His series. Leaving my review always.

    • I need to find a curvy for him to rescue. I was toying with the idea of an apocalypse story and have him as the hero 😀 But probably not an apoc story 😀

    • And thank you for the kind words <3