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????????????????????????????????????????THE ONLY WOMAN HE WANTS IS THE ONE WOMAN HE CAN’T HAVE

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Former FSB undercover agent Mikhael Nazarov left the crime family his mother married into with a gun to his head and a fire under his feet. Now he’s back to rescue Alina Rodchenko from a kill order. But will Alina trust a man who abandoned her to a decade of pain and a secret she’s willing to die for?

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Knowing outlaw biker Callan Tilley is about to be murdered by another member of the Thunder Gypsies MC, Avery Watkins calls the police. But not all  cops in Thunder Valley operate on the right side of the law and saving Callan could cost Avery her life.

Callan’s had a soft spot for the shy waitress from the first time he set eyes on her back in high school and is certain she was the one who called 911. Now she’s as good as dead once the gang traces the call back to the bar where Avery works.

His plan to save them both? Steal a secret stash of the club’s money, grab Avery and get the hell out of town. It might work, too, if the ATF, FBI, DEA and every other alphabet-soup agency in law enforcement were not on the hunt for a Gypsy willing to turn on the MC.

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I fell in love with Maddox and Carson in college, but not once have they made a move on me. So, for eight years I settled for being best friends with two of the biggest players in the city, watching Maddox cycle through girlfriends every few months and Carson jump from one hook-up to the next.

Now our friendship is in jeopardy. An outlaw motorcycle club has started hanging around Carson’s bike shop, drawing him deep into their underworld of violence and crime. My pleas to Maddox to intervene as a cop are ignored. Both men are shutting me out, avoiding my calls and treating me like I never even existed in their lives.

After I show up at Carson’s shop and make a scene, life goes from bleak to terrifying. I find myself right in the middle of a police investigation, wearing a wire around hard core criminals while Carson feels me up in their club house as I play the role of his “old lady.”

But the night’s not over. Listening to the audio of all that heavy petting made Maddox jealous. Carson suggests that the only way to set our friendship right is to let Maddox have his own time on the couch with me — while Carson watches.

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Big Girl Lesson #1 – The House always wins...

Reformed con artist and card sharp Marie Lafayette never had a chance to “come of age.” She was too busy staying out of jail and keeping her little brother and sister out of the morgue. Six years on the run from her father, living as clean as she can to raise her siblings, she was hoping L.A. would give her family a fresh start.

Instead, her sister is taken hostage by a violent criminal from their past who forces Marie to once again put on her game face and take a seat at a Vegas Blackjack table.

Busted by casino owner Luke Masters when Marie’s soft lips and lush curves catch his eye, she has one chance to save her sister and erase the past — if she surrenders to Masters’ every passion for thirty days.

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Will his one chance at saving her life cost him her love? 

Undercover DEA agent Dean Ramirez already has one dead body on his conscience when plus-size beauty Garnet Williams accidentally walks in on a drug deal gone bad. With the two members of the Mexican cartel in the room more than ready to slit the woman’s throat, he has to think fast to save her without blowing his investigation.

Gazing on the woman’s pale, flawless skin, quivering mouth and oh-so-lush curves, inspiration strikes. Until he can spirit her away to witness protection, Ramirez has no choice but to claim her as his own.

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Twenty years ago, Dante Serrano walked out before his wedding to Olivia Miller. Now Olivia is a renowned crime scene investigator and Dante’s son is in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. To put her ex-lover in the past where he belongs, Liv needs to find the real killer and fast. Being around Dante is waking long buried desires and Dante wants the plus-size beauty back — in his arms and his bed. But if he tells Liv the truth of why he walked out, he just might lose his son.