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Six scorching paranormal romances featuring shapeshifters discovering their mates. Filled with magic (and a fluffy witch or two), these stories include were-bikers, werewolves, a mighty dragon and a … well, no one is exactly sure what Loramon is.


Onyx Parry is a city wolf. She’s not supposed to be in my woods, the scent of her heat sending my pack’s unmated males into a lust rage.

Running for her life, she lands on my doorstep, one word falling from her trembling red lips.


Somehow, we make it through the night, my appetite for her lush body unabated and growing. But the trouble she brought with her is just beginning.

The morning sun rises on the males of my pack outside my door, the angry revving of their motorcycles serving as howls of protest over the prize denied.

The period of sanctuary is over.

But I’m not just pack alpha. I’m president of the Wicked Woodsmen MC and, among the shifters of Night Falls, my word is law.

One roar and the entire valley knows…

The she-wolf is mine.


For five agonizing years, I have tried to push Paisley Williams out of my life. She’s human, which makes her a danger to the shapeshifters in Night Falls.

She’s also my little sister’s best friend.

With a shooter targeting the pack and Paisley stuck in the middle, the only way to keep her safe is to hold her close.

Too bad she hates me.


For over a millennia, I’ve amassed an unimaginable fortune. But precious metals and rare gems cannot buy what I most desire — a mate who will ensure I’m not the last of my kind.

So I created a company to manufacture and sell unique toys guaranteed to unleash every woman’s inner beast. The toys are bait and the videos that buyers upload to the forums are a digital casting couch for the future Mrs. Morgan Stern.

The latest upload blows more than my mind as a big beauty conquers our largest toy, the one modeled after my anatomy.

The real kicker? My mate is closer to home than I ever could have dreamed.


Leah Howard doesn’t believe in werewolves, even if she dreams of shifting. Pack alpha Seth Gladwin can’t understand why a human female is ringing all his mating bells. So, when Seth chases Leah down and partially shifts in front of her, he wants nothing more than a forgetting spell placed on her so he can continue investigating a secret society of Hunters intent on annihilating the local werewolf clan.

Only this time, the society’s prey isn’t shifters — it’s Leah.


The sheltering of new latents threatens to expose the local wolf clan’s location. To strengthen the magic protecting their land, the clan’s leader demands an ancient ritual that will bring Esme and Dana together for one sexually charged night but could drive them apart forever — if the Hunters don’t kill them first.


Nine months have passed since the influx of latents onto clan lands began. For Cade Mercer, the time has been a season in purgatory as he leads his team on a series of dangerous runs to locate mates for other shifters — a sour, jagged pill to swallow when his own mate disappeared more than a dozen years ago.

When the current rescue goes south in a hurry, Cade is more than a little tempted to follow his teammate’s suggestion and throw the woman they seek back into the “latent pool.”

Until he smells her and all hell breaks loose…
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Each of the three modern day warriors in this erotic romance collection has one last mission — capture the heart of the woman he loves.

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Stopping at a strip club from his younger days, former Army Captain Thomas Wylie wants nothing more than the best pork rub in all of Memphis. But the club has changed. Like Wylie, it’s gotten harder and rough around the edges.

Determined to finish his limp cheeseburger and leave, he’s all but out the door when a plus-size beauty walks on stage and starts to dance amid catcalls and disgruntled hisses.

Working the pole under the stage name of Gaia, Rhea Butler knows she’s more than twice the size of the next largest dancer at the club. She’s reminded three times a night, six nights a week as she starts each shift and has to win the audience over one jeering patron at a time.

Rhea doesn’t want the men’s admiration, just their money. She has a debt she can never work off, but she’s doing the best she can, one dance at a time. She’s certain that’s all life has on tap for her — until Wylie shows up at her other job determined to prove her wrong.


Teague Allen is a former Spec Ops soldier who has recently returned home to L.A. and gets conned by a buddy to fill in as a fitness instructor.

Charlie is the plus-size beauty who won’t give him the time of day, let alone her phone number, especially after Teague has the audacity to tuck his number and address in the band of her workout pants like she’s some kind of stripper!

So what if she fantasizes about him for a week straight and checks him out online, going so far as to look at the county property records for the address he gave her.

It’s not like she’s ever going to his house.

Unless, of course, she finds herself stranded on a nearby street on a hot summer afternoon.

But that totally doesn’t mean she’s going to act on those dirty fantasies.



Former FSB undercover agent Mikhael Nazarov left the crime family his mother married into with a gun to his head and a fire under his feet. Now he’s back to rescue Alina Rodchenko from a kill order. But will Alina trust a man who abandoned her to a decade of pain and a secret she’s willing to die for?

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*if you purchased It Takes a Billionaire, don’t buy this – also two of the titles included have been in multi-author box sets, so read the descriptions before buying*

This single author box set features four standalone novellas of billionaires and the curvy beauties who conquer their hearts.

*titles also sold separately*


Plus-size business owner Pippa Jones is in dire straits. Before disappearing, her accountant floated himself a big “loan” instead of paying her PR firm’s income and payroll taxes. Even if PJ can avoid criminal prosecution, she’s going to have to sell everything she has and lay off all her employees, including her best friend!

Enter billionaire Blake Cross, her firm’s biggest client and a notorious playboy. Discovering she’s in trouble, he makes an offer that will fix both their problems. All she has to do is marry him and make it look real.


With Blake calling her “baby” and “love” while his unyielding hands and mouth worship her body publicly and privately, Pippa’s starting to realize that the cost of saving her company just might be a broken heart.


Big girl Starla Parks has spent two frustrating years working for wealthy philanthropist Cole Mason as his personal assistant. Don’t get her wrong, the man is a saint — with the body and face of a very dirty angel. Deep down, however, she is certain no matter how egalitarian and sweet Cole really is, he’s just too rich, too handsome, too everything, to notice the way his plump Girl Friday feels about him. She’s just happy to work by his side and entertain a few choice fantasies after hours.

Happy, that is, until she stumbles across a secret folder on his laptop, one filled with plus-size sleeping beauties ravished as they slumber. When Cole requires Starla to spend that very weekend at his private estate on a rush charity project, she begins to wonder — what would happen if she staged her own sleep in? Could his secret kink make her fantasy finally come true?


Twice a tornado turned my life upside down. The first one put my daddy in the hospital and out of a job. It cost us our house and any chance of me going to college full-time. It blew in from the southwest of town.

The second one thundered in from the northeast — Hawk McKinley, full of New York brass and driving a coal black vintage Mustang. I should have left his fine behind on the side of the road. But momma raised me to hide my Texas sass, be a good girl — and cut my own hickory switch when I wasn’t.

So I stopped and now the storm is blowing my way, another funnel cloud ready to rip through my life and all I’ve got to hold onto is Hawk, muscles on top of muscles, bare chested and dripping wet with small drops of rain that I want to lick from his tanned skin.

I don’t think I can win his game of north versus south, but, heaven forgive me, I sure as heck am going to play.


Plus-size beauty Casey Mack has gone from barely making ends meet to executive assistant at the hottest growth company of the last decade. The only problem is that she serves all three of the top executives, each as delicious and demanding as the other and all intent on having Casey in their lives, and their bed, forever. With the company on the verge of a research breakthrough that could change the world, their enemies will stop at nothing to take them down, including targeting the one woman who means everything to them.

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*titles also sold separately*

What you get with this Friends to Lovers collection…


Once upon a time, the ocean fascinated me with its unending beauty and otherworldly creatures. Now, its mere image terrifies me. Maybe that’s not a big deal for most people, but I spent the last four years studying to become a marine biologist.

That’s not the worst of it. Corwin Hale, the big, bad Navy SEAL I’ve known forever, finds out about my sudden phobia and insists on fixing me. That’s not the solution I need. All Corwin can do is lead me into the deepest waters of my life and break my heart.

But I can’t tell him that — he doesn’t know I love him.


I don’t know who’s crazier — me for harboring a secret crush on the exceedingly delicious Major Logan Jones or the former Mrs. Jones for leaving him.

I know who’s dumber. Me! I exchanged one too many dirty texts about the major with my best friend. The last one went to Logan’s phone and now he’s about to discover all my dirty little fantasies and a choice photo or ten.

Oh, did I mention the video of me on the phone, the one I took in my bedroom, my legs spread wide, my battery-operated boyfriend on the quilt next to me, a mix of cream and lube…

Yeah, FML!


I must have fantasized about the moment Aiden Perry saw me as a grown woman, desirable and sexy despite my plus-sized curves, at least a thousand times before the moment finally occurred. Not once did I imagine the revelation would begin with me on the back of his motorcycle after my car broke down, the engine thrumming between my legs and my body’s reaction to being pressed up against his big, hard muscles involuntarily exposing my secret crush…in the wettest way possible.

Perilous Curves Collection


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Big Girl Lesson #1 – The House always wins...

Reformed con artist and card sharp Marie Lafayette never had a chance to “come of age.” She was too busy staying out of jail and keeping her little brother and sister out of the morgue. Six years on the run from her father, living as clean as she can to raise her siblings, she was hoping L.A. would give her family a fresh start.

Instead, her sister is taken hostage by a violent criminal from their past who forces Marie to once again put on her game face and take a seat at a Vegas Blackjack table.

Busted by casino owner Luke Masters when Marie’s soft lips and lush curves catch his eye, she has one chance to save her sister and erase the past — if she surrenders to Masters’ every passion for thirty days.


Will his one chance at saving her life cost him her love? 

Undercover DEA agent Dean Ramirez already has one dead body on his conscience when plus-size beauty Garnet Williams accidentally walks in on a drug deal gone bad. With the two members of the Mexican cartel in the room more than ready to slit the woman’s throat, he has to think fast to save her without blowing his investigation.

Gazing on the woman’s pale, flawless skin, quivering mouth and oh-so-lush curves, inspiration strikes. Until he can spirit her away to witness protection, Ramirez has no choice but to claim her as his own.


Twenty years ago, Dante Serrano walked out before his wedding to Olivia Miller. Now Olivia is a renowned crime scene investigator and Dante’s son is in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. To put her ex-lover in the past where he belongs, Liv needs to find the real killer and fast. Being around Dante is waking long buried desires and Dante wants the plus-size beauty back — in his arms and his bed. But if he tells Liv the truth of why he walked out, he just might lose his son.


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Love and magic will light even the darkest corner, offering hope in a gritty world of shapeshifters hunted to the edge of extinction. Outcasts from birth, three curvy beauties have the power to make the heavens blaze, but only if they’re willing to let the right wolf in.

Contains Wolf Curves, Curve Charm and Alpha Curves, also available as separate titles.