Sensual Menage


A billionaire and a Hollywood star, neither of us is Prince Charming.

That’s okay because Gabby Pryce isn’t Cinderella. She’s our Everything Girl, the one woman we can love for life.

Before we thoroughly woo and wed her, we need to know she can handle two powerful males with twisted tastes and dark pasts.

Starting tonight, we’re going to break her in and break her down, arousing and satisfying her beautiful, voluptuous body until she’s addicted to us and craving the next thrust, the next slow sucking kiss, more than life itself.

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I fell in love with Maddox and Carson in college, but not once have they made a move on me. So, for eight years I settled for being best friends with two of the biggest players in the city, watching Maddox cycle through girlfriends every few months and Carson jump from one hook-up to the next.

Now our friendship is in jeopardy. An outlaw motorcycle club has started hanging around Carson’s bike shop, drawing him deep into their underworld of violence and crime. My pleas to Maddox to intervene as a cop are ignored. Both men are shutting me out, avoiding my calls and treating me like I never even existed in their lives.

After I show up at Carson’s shop and make a scene, life goes from bleak to terrifying. I find myself right in the middle of a police investigation, wearing a wire around hard core criminals while Carson feels me up in their club house as I play the role of his “old lady.”

But the night’s not over. Listening to the audio of all that heavy petting made Maddox jealous. Carson suggests that the only way to set our friendship right is to let Maddox have his own time on the couch with me — while Carson watches.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Plus-size beauty Casey Mack has gone from barely making ends meet to executive assistant at the hottest growth company of the last decade. The only problem is that she serves all three of the top executives, each as delicious and demanding as the other and all intent on having Casey in their lives, and their bed, forever. With the company on the verge of a research breakthrough that could change the world, their enemies will stop at nothing to take them down, including targeting the one woman who means everything to them.

*also in Rich Man’s Woman collection*

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For over a millennia, I’ve amassed an unimaginable fortune. But precious metals and rare gems cannot buy what I most desire — a mate who will ensure I’m not the last of my kind.

So I created a company to manufacture and sell unique toys guaranteed to unleash every woman’s inner beast. The toys are bait and the videos that buyers upload to the forums are a digital casting couch for the future Mrs. Morgan Stern.

The latest upload blows more than my mind as a big beauty conquers our largest toy, the one modeled after my anatomy. 

The real kicker? My mate is closer to home than I ever could have dreamed.

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Growing up biracial with a museum curator for a dad and a famous model for a mother, plus-size Nadine Hopkins never felt like she belonged in either world. Pushing thirty, she has finally made peace (more or less) with all her curves and wants to launch a line of cosmetics, clothing and jewelry that combines her deep knowledge of ancient Egypt with her fashionista sensibilities. She has rave reviews, a factory on stand-by and purchase orders from the priciest boutiques.

What she doesn’t have is funding to start production.

Enter Silvio Parisi — Mr. Deep Pockets. An international playboy, he is accustomed to his women naked and on their knees, which is exactly the position he has in mind for Nadine when he summons her to his private Italian island to negotiate terms.

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