Real Cowboys Love Curves

A cowboy awaits the action while sitting on his horse.

Adler James – Book One in the Real Cowboys Love Curves series

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Meet the Turk brothers one hard riding, curve loving cowboy at a time!

Sage never wanted to be any man’s dirty little secret. Been there, done that, the shoe didn’t fit. Arriving unexpectedly in the small Montana town of Willow Gap after dark, she discovers that a “dirty secret” is all she is.

Finding a sensuously lush woman in his dead sister’s kitchen after midnight, Adler Turk’s only thought is how to get rid of her before his family’s raw wounds are spread open for the whole town to see.

Well, it’s not his only thought as he stares at the curvy beauty, but it’s the only one that matters—until he discovers that Sage is not what she seems. Now it’s up to Adler to prove to the woman that a bad beginning can make for many happy endings.

Reading order for books in the Real Cowboys Love Curves series
Adler James—Book One
Walker Pierce—Book Two (Available November 2017)
Barrett Cole—Book Three (Available November 2017)
Sutton Lee – Book Four (Expected December 2017)
Emerson Drake – Book Five (Expected January 2018)



  1. Tammy Marie says:

    Thank you for a new book to read! I just stumbled across Adler James.

    • Thank you! I hope you picked it up someplace other than Amazon because I’m still waiting for them to make it free. That’s why I didn’t post on FB yet. Books 2 & 3 coming soon. And, while I nuked my newsletter back in April, I created a new one people can sign up at (see – link is in the sidebar).

      Hope you enjoy!