Heroes out of Uniform

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Stopping at a strip club from his younger days, former Army Captain Thomas Wylie wants nothing more than the best pork rub in all of Memphis. But the club has changed. Like Wylie, it’s gotten harder and rough around the edges.

Determined to finish his limp cheeseburger and leave, he’s all but out the door when a plus-size beauty walks on stage and starts to dance amid catcalls and disgruntled hisses.

Working the pole under the stage name of Gaia, Rhea Butler knows she’s more than twice the size of the next largest dancer at the club. She’s reminded three times a night, six nights a week as she starts each shift and has to win the audience over one jeering patron at a time.

Rhea doesn’t want the men’s admiration, just their money. She has a debt she can never work off, but she’s doing the best she can, one dance at a time. She’s certain that’s all life has on tap for her — until Wylie shows up at her other job determined to prove her wrong.

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Once upon a time, the ocean fascinated me with its unending beauty and otherworldly creatures. Now, its mere image terrifies me. Maybe that’s not a big deal for most people, but I spent the last four years studying to become a marine biologist.

That’s not the worst of it. Corwin Hale, the big, bad Navy SEAL I’ve known forever, finds out about my sudden phobia and insists on fixing me. That’s not the solution I need. All Corwin can do is lead me into the deepest waters of my life and break my heart.

But I can’t tell him that– he doesn’t know I’m in love with him.

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Teague Allen is a former Spec Ops soldier who has recently returned home to L.A. and gets conned by a buddy to fill in as a fitness instructor.
Charlie is the plus-size beauty who won’t give him the time of day, let alone her phone number, especially after Teague has the audacity to tuck his number and address in the band of her workout pants like she’s some kind of stripper!
So what if she fantasizes about him for a week straight and checks him out online, going so far as to look at the county property records for the address he gave her.

It’s not like she’s ever going to his house.
Unless, of course, she finds herself stranded on a nearby street on a hot summer afternoon.
But that totally doesn’t mean she’s going to act on those dirty fantasies.

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College senior Lillian “Lilliput” Richards really should move on from her side job of babysitting Stevie, the 10-year-old son of the exceedingly delicious Major Logan Jones. She’s got a big girl’s job to go with her big girl curves and has spent the summer racing between a downtown office building and the major’s home.

Leaving Stevie isn’t an option. She is very fond of her junior sidekick and, more importantly, the boy is missing his mom after the woman went AWOL to discover herself eight months ago. Oh, and there’s another reason for staying — Lily has been working a huge crush on the major for years. One-sided, of course. Not only is the major newly divorced and treats Lily like she’s part of the family, but the man is hot enough to melt glaciers. There’s not a thing a man like Logan could want with his plump, young and seemingly sedate babysitter.

At least that’s what Lily thinks until a sexting skirmish with her best friend goes awry and brings the major rushing home. With all her dirty little fantasies about Logan and pictures of her lush body in the phone he’s now holding, is Logan there to make her fantasies come true or fire her?