Curve Struck A Celebrity Romance

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Love beneath a Hollywood Star
Melanie Archer moved to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming a top costume designer.  Slowly, she’s working her way up as a wardrobe girl helping whiny starlets and pompous, blowhard leading males strap in.

Declan Bain may be a leading actor and a certified prima donna, but dressing his lean, muscular body is the only perk to her current gig.

Unfortunately, the job is up before things can get interesting. Or that’s what Melanie thinks until she is summoned home and arrives to discover two men present who have no business being in the home of her quiet librarian mother. One is a complete stranger to Melanie, the other is all too recently familiar.

Melanie finds herself more than a little star struck.

Declan’s definitely curve struck.

He’s also her new stepbrother.


  1. Elizabeth B says:


  2. Elizabeth B says:

    Backatcha! Adores!

    And I loved this new story. Made my weekend. You are on a roll. Am placing my order now for another, please!

    • Christa says:

      I’m working on a new pen name now that isn’t romance (nor is it erotica). I will try to get another Christa out, but a short one, before the next thirty days are up. I’m still trying to avoid going back to a regular day job (at which point I would cease publishing under any name), but it doesn’t seem possible from my Christa titles.

      • Elizabeth B says:

        I’ll read *anything* you care to put out there — esp love your light touch with signaling a character’s thoughts and the connections to be drawn between action and feeling (don’t over explain). Keeps me having to do some work to keep up. I do hope you can hold to your full time writing. I’d love a world where we are all free to pursue our passions. Until that fine day, keep feeling your fans’ love!