Black Woman White Male Sensual Romance

????????????????????????????????????????Sneaking into an elite party to convince billionaire oil executive Austin Long not to drill in her backyard, law student Gina Banks has no idea what kind of party she just crashed. When her naïve response to the half-naked women and paddles clues security in that the beauty might not be an invited guest, it’s Long that rescues her — for a price.

Her body, his bed, one night… 

Until he changes the rules on her.

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Growing up biracial with a museum curator for a dad and a famous model for a mother, plus-size Nadine Hopkins never felt like she belonged in either world. Pushing thirty, she has finally made peace (more or less) with all her curves and wants to launch a line of cosmetics, clothing and jewelry that combines her deep knowledge of ancient Egypt with her fashionista sensibilities. She has rave reviews, a factory on stand-by and purchase orders from the priciest boutiques.

What she doesn’t have is funding to start production.

Enter Silvio Parisi — Mr. Deep Pockets. An international playboy, he is accustomed to his women naked and on their knees, which is exactly the position he has in mind for Nadine when he summons her to his private Italian island to negotiate terms.

Buy or Borrow on Amazon US UK CA AU  (affiliate links are used)