Best of the Rest Sensual Romances

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He thought he could buy her body without losing his heart…

Former Olympic hopeful Katelyn Willow put aside her dreams of gold more than eight years ago. Now she’s an unemployed charity analyst running three hours late for a job interview with the CEO of Griffin Holdings after being mugged. Bound and determined to have the interview anyway, she waits outside the private entrance to his Chicago offices.

Griffin Montgomery doesn’t know what to make of the disheveled and slightly bruised woman waiting for him in the alley. The gentleman inside him wants to tuck her into his limo and safely escort her to her apartment, with the promise of an interview once another position opens up.

The man inside him just wants to take her in every position imaginable.

kissmegoneFINALPAmazon US – UK CA AU

Firefighter Dare O’Donnell walked through a blazing hell of flames and smoke to save me. But the fire wasn’t the first time we met. We were friends — almost lovers — years ago. Our past proves that I can trust him with my life, but never with my heart.

Old memories poison our future. His friends and family are toxic. Already, I’m halfway out the door. I just want one last kiss before I go.


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Falling in love with the twenty-two year old woman I’m supposed to be protecting was never part of the job description. But there are no words that can describe Lacey Addams Long and do her justice.

Curvy, sweet, vulnerable, sexier than a shiny, new Ferrari in a light rain…

And legally blind.

Her only hope to restore her sight is a surgery that could plunge her into total darkness. The window of opportunity for a successful operation is closing fast and there’s only one thing that will break the deadlock of the last few months.

Me…in her bed, between her thighs, giving her something she’s never had before while she still has a fraction of her vision left.

I’m not a gentleman. I’m a hired mercenary, a former soldier and I want what she’s offering. But a woman like Lacey isn’t looking for one night only no matter what she claims. And if I give in, if I surrender to her soft curves and gentle smile so that she has the surgery, it just might be me left alone in the dark.

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Plus-size college senior Cecelia is all set for a long weekend at her parents’ lake house, but her car won’t start. Family friend Aiden offers a simple solution, she can ride with him on the back of his motorcycle. He promises to drive slowly, but it’s not a fear of crashing that’s stopping Cece from getting on the back of Aiden’s bike. She’s worried about what will happen when the engine is thrumming between her legs and she is pressed up against the big hard body of her secret crush.