Curve Dreams

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Note, this is not new work, just light edits and a new cover in anticipation of Wet Dreams being released Early 2019

Over the course of more than a millennium, I have amassed an unimaginable fortune. But precious metals and rare gems cannot buy what I most desire—a mate who will ensure that I am not the last of my kind.

So I created a company to manufacture and sell unique toys guaranteed to unleash every woman’s inner beast. The toys are bait and the videos that buyers upload to the forums are a digital casting couch for the future Mrs. Morgan Stern.

The latest upload blows more than my mind as a big beauty conquers our largest toy, the one modeled after my anatomy.

The real kicker? My mate is closer to home than I ever could have dreamed.

Venus in Curves Collection

Let’s get sexy with these three contemporary BBW sensual romances!

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Environmental lawyer Gemma Fine is leaving a disastrous day at work when her best friend calls with an emergency. Owen Caryl has more than one bundle of trouble on his hands, but it’s his best friend, not a lawyer, that he needs.

To prevent a family emergency from turning into a tragedy, Gemma pretends to be Owen’s fiancée. That means taking him, and his troubles, into her home.

The fake engagement would be easier if she hadn’t spent half her life desiring Owen. Easier still if she didn’t have his big, hard body in bed beside her, sharing his heat, a rasp in his voice as he captures her hand and pulls her to him.

She desperately needs to know if it’s desire burning in his dark brown gaze…
Or tomorrow’s reflection of her broken heart.

Born into poverty, Gunner has loved Willa since he first set eyes on her when she was six and he was eight. For a time, Willa loved him just as fiercely.

But a poor boy and a rich girl aren’t supposed to mix. Her father made sure they didn’t, forcing Gunner’s involuntary goodbye to carve an ugly scar on Willa’s tender heart that might never heal.

Now Gunner is back, his carefully plotted revenge on Frank Boyd complete. As his prize, he wants Willa’s love and every inch of her curvy body.

Texas veterinarian Cayce Gerard has wrestled a sick bull to the ground, out-growled an angry Tibetan Mastiff with a sore tooth and climbed to the top branch of a hundred year oak tree to rescue an injured hawk. The only creature he hasn’t tamed is Ashley Sharpe.

He can’t crate her.

He sure as heck can’t sedate her.

Only option left is to spank her.

But teaching princess a valuable life lesson about being bratty takes a sudden turn.

Was that a moan he heard?


Is he going to do something about it?

Damn straight!

Every Last Curve Available for a Limited Time

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Maybe the man of her dreams is a billionaire, movie star or ex-soldier. Maybe he’s the best friend who has always been there when she needed him most.

Whoever he is, one thing is certain. He has her now and he’s going to caress, kiss, and tease EVERY LAST CURVE.


This master collection of sensual romances contains contemporary BBW stories ranging from novels to short stories and every length between. It offers over six hundred thousand words across more than eighteen hundred pages.

Included titles:

Curve Drill, Curve Major, Curvy When Wet, Dirty Sweet Curves, Waking Up Her Curves, Curve Patrol, Undeniably His, Curves for Her Billionaires, House Rules, Ball Her, Black Gold, Curve Struck, Curve Contract, Big Like Texas, Riding Curves, Curve Lullaby, Curves Ahead, Curves for Two, Slow Hand Curves, Sunny with a Chance of Curves, Moskva, Kane, and Killer Curves.

Book Five and Collection for Real Cowboys Love Curves


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FBI Agent Emerson Turk wasn’t raised to fall in love with a married woman. But he did. So he left Boston and Delia Mays behind to pursue his ambitions in Montana.

Three years later, he is deep undercover and Delia is a widow who innocently becomes the target of the very bikers he is trying to take down.

It’s up to Emerson to keep safe a woman who no longer sees the good within him. Can he protect Delia without falling in love with her all over again?


Contains Books 1 – 5 of Real Cowboys Love Curves

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Do to the size of this collection, a print version will not be available. Print is available for the individual titles only.