It’s time to ride a cowboy!

Hello lovely people 🙂 I  wanted to let you know that I am close to finishing up Emerson’s story. If you haven’t started the Real Cowboys Love Curves series, Emerson is the fifth of the five Turk brothers. He’s also an FBI agent undercover as a biker, his wholesome looks obscured by tattoos and a piercing…uhm…somewhere.

If you’ve read all about Adler, Walker, Barrett, and Sutton–awesome! Hold tight because the guys are almost done. 

If you haven’t started yet, or have only read Adler, now is the best time ever to start because Adler is free again and Walker is discounted for the first time ever.

And if you want an email telling you when Emerson is available click me


Dropping a tree on a woman isn’t exactly Walker Turk’s idea of an opening move—especially when the woman in question is carrying handcuffs and a sidearm.

Fresh off a transfer from California, Federal Agent Ashley Callahan is tracking poachers and the money launderers they use. She doesn’t have time for the lumberjack who almost killed her, even if being near him warms her insides like hot chocolate on a cold night.

When the accident aggravates an old injury, Ashley must conquer her stubborn independent streak and lean on Walker—the one man willing to do anything for her.

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Sage never wanted to be any man’s dirty little secret. Been there, done that, the shoe didn’t fit. Arriving unexpectedly in the small Montana town of Willow Gap after dark, she discovers that a “dirty secret” is all she is.

Finding a sensuously lush woman in his dead sister’s kitchen after midnight, Adler Turk’s only thought is how to get rid of her before his family’s raw wounds are spread open for the whole town to see.

Well, it’s not his only thought as he stares at the curvy beauty, but it’s the only one that matters—until he discovers that Sage is not what she seems. Now it’s up to Adler to prove to the woman that a bad beginning can make for many happy endings.

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Suggested reading order for the Real Cowboys Love Curves series
Adler James
Walker Pierce
Barrett Cole
Sutton Lee