Curves Unbound

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Willa Boyd has spent her entire life as nothing more than a prisoner on her family estate. Now her father is dead and she is free.

She’s also penniless—or will be if billionaire Gunner Price has his way.

Born into poverty, Gunner has loved Willa since he first set eyes on her when she was six and he was eight. For a time, Willa loved him just as fiercely.

But a poor boy and a rich girl aren’t supposed to mix. Her father made sure they didn’t, forcing Gunner’s involuntary goodbye to carve an ugly scar on Willa’s tender heart that might never heal.

Now Gunner is back, his carefully plotted revenge on Frank Boyd complete. As his prize, he wants Willa’s love and every inch of her curvy body.

This time, he’s calling the shots, and he won’t take “no” for an answer.