Site Rebuild Underway

So…I was trying to grab a createspace link from my site and discovered that I had at least one link back to my old URL of loveatanysize. Big mistake. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one visiting my current site anymore. The problem? Well, when a site has had lot of visitors and links to the site and then the owner deregisters the site, someone else comes along and scoops it up. Often it’s just for ads. But it can be for far worse things. I can’t control all the links to my old websites that are on the internet, but I can control the ones on my current site.

So I nuked all the pages and prior posts on

While I get links back up, the relevant truth is, everything is in Kindle Unlimited to buy or borrow (and thus exclusive for the time to Amazon). All you need to do is visit my author page on Amazon if you’re interested in reading one of my stories.

Rebuilding isn’t a priority because I’ve stopped writing. Well, more accurate to say I’ve stopped publishing. I announced this on my FB page in March.

Last note, there is no more newsletter. If you followed a link from one of my books, my apologies. Again, everything is on my Amazon author page, including my last published menage collection Curves in the Middle.