Curve Wife and Every Last Curve

A lot of news in this post. Two new releases going wide and also two recent releases (and everything else) are out of Kindle Unlimited and are now on or soon to be on the other stores.

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Bride's White Shoes on a Grass Field

Bride’s White Shoes on a Grass Field

Texas veterinarian Cayce Gerard has wrestled a sick bull to the ground, out-growled an angry Tibetan Mastiff with a sore tooth and climbed to the top branch of a hundred year oak tree to rescue an injured hawk. The only creature he hasn’t tamed is Ashley Sharpe.

He can’t crate her.

He sure as heck can’t sedate her.

Only option left is to spank her.

But teaching princess a valuable life lesson about being bratty takes a sudden turn.

Was that a moan he heard?


Is he going to do something about it?

Damn straight!

This 32,000 word novel re-envisions the happy-for-now ending of Cayce and Ashley from the 6,900 word short story Spanked by the Vet. There’s still a spanking and more sultry heat than even a southern summer can hold. There’s also a happily-ever-after, right after Ashley teaches Cayce a lesson of her own.

Every Last Curve – Amazon US AU CA UK | iBooks | Kobo | Nook | Google

everylastcurvepMaybe the man of her dreams is a billionaire, movie star or ex-soldier. Maybe he’s the best friend who has always been there when she needed him most.

Whoever he is, one thing is certain. He has her now and he’s going to caress, kiss, and tease EVERY LAST CURVE.

* * *
This master collection of sensual BBW romances contains almost every contemporary (non-paranormal) title in my body of work. From novels to short stories and every length in between, it offers over six hundred thousand words across more than eighteen hundred pages.

It’s time to fire up your e-reader and let my men curl your toes.


>>holy smokes – do you love the cover as much as I do???<<<

Going wide

Kane is live on most stores now. Desired by the Wicked Woodsman (already on Amazon) has been submitted to iBooks Nook Kobo and Google. Desired is the third in the Night Falls series and if you haven’t started the series, check the link in the Free books section below.

Free books

I have made several of my titles free or (where store restrictions apply) discounted and created a page for them. These are mostly first in series, but I will be rotating books on occasion, so check back or join the newsletter.

Desired by the Wicked Woodsman

Amazon US AU CA UK | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google This is book 3 in the Night Fall series and they are best read in order. If you haven’t started yet, visit the FREE/DISCOUNT page and get the first in the series. When it comes to Joshua Reeves, the alpha cat in the Night Falls pack, wolf shifter […]



Amazon US UK CA AU | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | Google Daniella Marquardt is a woman with big curves and even bigger problems. Her dead sister left behind a baby, and even if the man sitting in jail isn’t the baby daddy, he’s trying to get custody for his own sinister purposes. Ready to […]


Curve Struck A Celebrity Romance

Buy or Borrow Amazon US UK CA AU (affiliate links are used on this site) Love beneath a Hollywood Star Melanie Archer moved to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming a top costume designer.  Slowly, she’s working her way up as a wardrobe girl helping whiny starlets and pompous, blowhard leading males strap in. Declan Bain may be a […]


Moskva – A Stepbrother Romance

Buy or Borrow on Amazon US UK CA AU (affiliate links are used on this site) The only woman he wants is the one woman he can’t have… Mikhael Nazarov left the crime family his mother married into with a gun to his head and a fire under his feet. Now he’s back to rescue Alina […]