Pet Me – Second Telling Billionaire’s Pet

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This is a SECOND TELLING of the Billionaire’s Pet series

Griffin Montgomery is more than unabashedly dominant. He’s a billionaire. And, for fifty thousand dollars, he can command every inch, every quiver, of Katelyn Willow’s flesh for one week.

For Katelyn, the money is just an excuse to camouflage her feelings. She’s broke, but not completely desperate. She takes the deal because there’s something about this man that draws her in, something that flips a switch she didn’t know was there waiting for the right finger to stroke it.

One week of submission, one week of self-exploration. Then it’s over.

That’s the deal. Money for her, pleasure for them both.

Just one minor caveat, an inconvenient addendum to the billionaire’s kinky contract.

Neither of them is supposed to fall in love.

So – what do I mean by “second telling”? Here is how I address it in the front matter of the book

Pet Me versus Billionaire’s Pet

For those who have read the Billionaire’s Pet (BP) series, I imagine you are wondering if you should give Pet Me (PM) a hard pass.

I can’t answer that. But I can tell you about the extent of the changes. The most obvious change is tense and point of view. BP was third person past. PM is first person present (with each main character receiving point-of-view time).

In this particular instance, changing to first person present tightened—and directed—the prose immensely. “Directed” isn’t a term of art, at least not when I use it. It is more like “I know it when I see it.” But focusing within a scene on only one character’s thoughts and perceptions (and misperceptions!) made me (and hopefully you) understand and like the characters more—especially Griffin.

Another major change is the amount of content added or deleted. It cannot be quantified on a pure word count basis because there is only a net increase of (nearly) eleven thousand words. But some thirty percent is new content. The way the original content was added to, deleted from and otherwise revised makes for a richer, less credulity-straining story (my husband disagrees because Griffin is still a billionaire).

Finally, despite BP being my most successful title to date (and likely forever), it was really terribly written in a purely technical sense: whiplash POV changes, roll-the-dice character directions, lip service to what made the characters who they are, and similar disservices in craft to my readers.

Is the re-envisioned telling perfect? No. I don’t have the attention span to write a book that runs a hundred thousand words (or three volumes totaling almost half a million words as that far more famous kinky billionaire story runs). Frankly, I seldom have the attention span to read a book that runs a hundred thousand words. But I really do think Pet Me is far and away better than its predecessor.

I hope you do, too.


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