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Daniella Marquardt is a woman with big curves and even bigger problems. Her dead sister left behind a baby, and even if the man sitting in jail isn’t the baby daddy, he’s trying to get custody for his own sinister purposes.

Ready to flee the state, Daniella makes one last stop at a secretive company to find the man who tried to save her sister while delivering the baby.

She isn’t there for help, she just wants to thank him. For all she knows, Trent Kane probably works in accounting—or maybe the tech department.

Never in a million years would she suspect he’s the big, bad Chief Operating Officer of a private military company with unlimited resources. When she does meet him, she doubts a man with such a hard heart and cold demeanor would be interested in saving her niece a second time.

For Trent Kane, he figures the curvy beauty is there to sue him and wants her out of his office. When he discovers the threat to Daniella’s niece, he won’t let the woman refuse his help.

But even though a part of him wants Daniella, he’s determined to keep her at arm’s length. He doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t even do second dates.

As far as he is concerned, love is for the weak.

* * *
This title includes characters introduced in Undeniably His. While reading His is not necessary to understand this story, it is recommended, especially for readers who crave a billionaire who can deliver a toe curling spanking.

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